Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rant of The Week

This video rant is the epitome of the type of rants which will be featured on this blog, and for this reason is the first "Rant of the Week"

It is known as the "Pachelbel Rant" and was performed by comedian Rob Paravonian at Penn State in 2006.

Paravonian is extremely specific with the subject of his rant, playing "Pachelbel's Canon" in D on the Cello. He starts off with a personal story, then builds into pop culture references. He maintains a growing angry "rant" tone as he builds into an explosion of energy about the piece.

At the same time as accomplishing his goal of being funny, Parovinian also communicates well his true rage about the piece, and leaves you thinking, "wow... it is in everything."

"The Rant of the Week" will be posted each saturday. Between these saturdays I will post a personal rant. Possible ideas for readers to send me rants about. And post a rant sent by any of the blog followers. I hope that this blog can evolve and become the internet home of rants.

Please don't hesitate to send me comments and any of your own ideas for how I can make this blog accomplish my goal!

And please, send me your favorite rants! and your own rants!


  1. Looks like someone beat me to my rant!

    This video is well-done. I think I'll still be making a video to throw my voice into the mix, though.

  2. Tee hee.
    I love a good rant - nice one!
    Hope you don't mind me following...